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Also known as “3X Crazy,” the Optimus Prime strain got its nickname from the fact that it took three strains to produce. A combination of OG Kush, Bubba Kush, and Granddaddy Purple created this heavy indica-dominant strain that smells of grapes and spices. Despite its smell, the taste is oddly like sour lemons and earthy skunk on the exhale.

Optimus Prime buds are big, deep green, and lumpy like oversized popcorn. Vivid orange pistils jet out of its buds in every angle, and there are so many trichomes that it looks as if it’s been dunked in icing.

Optimus Prime THC levels don’t normally go above 18% except on the rare occasion, which will depend on cultivation and curing techniques used. Optimus Prime effects have been described as relaxing for mind and body. While it’s been reported to clear thoughts and improve focus during the first stages of the high, the proceeding high coming down has been described as foggy and distant. Some have craved food while using Optimus Prime while others have used it to reduce muscle spasms or relieve insomnia.

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